Why is camp accreditation important?

Many countries have their own government requirements and legislation surrounding elephant camp management. While these are a good beginning, tourists do not have access to or information about national requirements.

As an ACES accredited camp, your camp is responsive to internationally-recognised criteria; a must for the global community and any proactive elephant camp.

Simple and successful

Reaching ACES accreditation sends a powerful message to the community. Visitors can be certain that your camp provides strong elephant welfare; regular staff training and are invested in the best elephant care available.  

Organisations that are seeking ACES accredited camps include:

Tour Operators


Adventure Travel Businesses




School Expeditions



ACES have created a user-friendly accreditation process. Regardless of whether your camp has 2 or 20 elephants, our assessment system works efficiently for all elephant camps. 

We are a specialist company, focussing solely on southeast Asian elephant camps. As such, we do not assess zoos or other large multi-species facilities. Camps will not receive ACES accreditation without passing all mandatory criteria. Payment does not guarantee automatic approval.