Through research and expert advice, ACES believes that tourism can bring positive benefits to the captive elephant population, without compromising animal welfare or visitor health and safety. ACES has not and will never condone animal cruelty or inhumane practices towards captive elephants. But activities including elephant riding can be considered acceptable if performed under controlled conditions.


Our guidelines have strict parameters surrounding many different activities, including practices that are considered unacceptable at all times.

 ACES will not work with camps that:

  • Make elephants work in extreme heat

  • Do not allow elephants sufficient rest breaks or access to clean drinking water

  • Do not provide suitable living shelters

  • Feed their elephants poor diets with a lack of seasonal variety

  • Are engaged in wildlife trafficking or the illegal use of fauna or flora

  • Have poor mahout training and/or show any type of harm towards elephants


ACES will work with camps that:

  • Have a genuine commitment to engage with ACES and improve camp practises

  • Support local elephant conservation efforts

  • Support local communities and farmers

ACES reserves the right to revoke camp accreditation at any stage if we have reasonable belief that guidelines have been breached or compromised.