All of our elephant camp welfare criteria have been reviewed and approved by independent leaders in Asian elephant management. Enjoy your elephant experience knowing that you are supporting a camp that listens to the leaders in elephant welfare.


Below is a brief introduction to some pivotal ACES advisors. 

Dr Taeepoke Angkawanish is a global leader in Asian elephant care, research and conservation. He is currently the Head Division of Elephant Conservation at the National Elephant Institute, Thailand. 

Dr Taweepoke

Dr Chatchote Thitaram is one of the most well-respected names in Asian elephant research. His specialisations include Asian elephant reproduction, breeding, genetics, medicine and management.  

Dr Bic

Dr Chaleamchat Somgird has published extensively on many topics including elephant hormone regulation and production, physiology, EEHV and captive elephant management. 

Dr Nin

Dr Boonprasert spent many years working and researching captive Asian elephants. He has run veterinary and mobile clinics for Asian elephants and has published many academic papers regarding elephant management. 

Dr Yaew

Dr Bansiddah is a highly experienced veterinarian and researcher, with focusses on the physiological functions of captive Asian elephants. 

Dr Im

Kim is an elephant care specialist at Houston Zoo, focussing on captive elephant enrichment and behaviour. Kim is an active member of the Elephant Manager’s Association and serves on the Conservation Committee.

Kim Klein


Elephant welfare takes teamwork. Education and advocacy is warmly welcomed from these champions. 

Mr Kulpong Bunnag ‘Byrd’

The legendary Byrd is an icon of the Thai music scene. Byrd has achieved spectacular success both on and off stage. A highly accomplished businessman, former positions include Managing Director of MTV Thailand & Vice President of Star TV. 

Tour operators 

Responsible Tourism innovates & modernises traditional industry viewpoints. These Tour Operators see the benefit in constructive camp consultation; caring for the welfare of both elephants and communities in developing nations.