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ACES works alongside the world’s leading elephant veterinarians and researchers, tourism organisations, governments and industry partners to continually develop our welfare standards for captive elephants in Southeast Asia.


We welcome opportunities to collaborate with new partners – contact us to discuss how ACES can contribute to your research, training and tourism initiatives and development projects.


Dr Janine Brown

Dr Janine Brown is a world leader in Asian elephant physiology and endocrinology. Her work focuses on improving the management and conservation of endangered species, both in captivity and in the wild. Dr Brown is head of the endocrinology laboratory at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and is a world authority on elephant reproductive biology, amongst other specialisations. 

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Dr Bic

Dr Chatchote Thitaram is one of the world’s most well-respected names in Asian elephant research. His specialisations include Asian elephant reproduction, breeding, genetics, medicine and management.

Dr Nin.jpg

Dr Nin

Dr Chaleamchat Somgird has published extensively on many topics including elephant hormone regulation and production, physiology, EEHV and captive elephant management. 

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Dr Im

Dr Bansiddah is a highly experienced veterinarian and researcher, with focusses on the physiological functions of captive Asian elephants. 


Kim Klein

Kim has been the Senior Elephant Keeper at Houston Zoo since 2007. Houston Zoo’s elephant program is well known due to its research partnership with the Baylor College of Medicine to understand and manage EEHV more effectively.  Kim has been involved with eight successful elephant births at the zoo, and has travelled to the Lao Elephant Conservation Center twice to support their socialisation and enrichment program. 

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Saravanan Elangkovan

Saravanan Elangkovan oversees the collection of elephants at Wildlife Reserves Singapore. He champions high standards of elephant care and management under human care. 

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Dan Koehl

Dan Koehl has worked with almost 100 elephants in three continents. Starting as an elephant keeper at the Stockholm Zoo, Dan has worked in zoos throughout Europe, including in Germany, Sweden and Austria. Based in Southeast Asia since 2010, Dan has bought his wealth of experience in captive elephant management to supporting elephant welfare throughout Cambodia.

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