Peter Kulmapijit

Elephant Camp Management Specialist

Peter was born and raised into a family of elephant workers. This has allowed him to have a true insight and deep understanding of the Thai elephant community. His passion has always been to empower this community and provide better welfare by encouraging concerned parties like camp owners or elephant owners to see the importance of the critical criteria contributing to their standard of living.

Nicolas Dubrocard.jpg

Nicolas Dubrocard

Audit and Accreditation Advisor

Nicolas has been involved in sustainable tourism for the past thirteen years. From auditor and consultant for hotels to being in charge of one of the largest certification scheme, he has been involved in the review, creation and use of criteria and standards. He has dedicated his knowledge and skills to create the Asian Captive Elephant Standards since 2015.

Dr Ingrid Suter

Captive Elephant Researcher

Ingrid Suter holds a doctorate in captive elephant conservation, focussing on Lao elephants. She has spent years working in developing nation conservation, including working with ElefantAsia and the IUCN. Ingrid has interviewed around 150 mahouts and has a deep interest in working with elephant owners to create best the outcomes for them, their families and their elephants.