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The ACES team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in elephant research, care and tourism sustainability. Our partners are some of the world’s leading elephant veterinarians and researchers. Combined, we have developed a system that makes us the strongest regulatory organisation servicing the elephant tourism industry.



Managing Director

Nicolas has many years’ experience in the tourism sector as an auditor and consultant and has worked in 35 countries to implement sustainability and animal welfare programs.



Elephant Camp Management Specialist

Peter was born and raised in a family of elephant workers giving him true insight and a deep understanding of the importance of elephants to local communities.



Captive Elephant Researcher & Policy Officer

Ingrid is a world leading researcher in elephant conservation and has extensive experience in community-based conservation, including work with ElefantAsia and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Sam .png


Elephant Venue Auditor

Sam has over 20 years’ experience managing one of the largest elephant camps in Thailand where he cared for over 80 elephants, Sam’s skills include elephant health, government regulation and human resources.



Elephant Venue Auditor

Matteo is the CEO and Founder of Wise Steps Travel, a responsible tourism social enterprise in Indonesia. Matteo has over 10 years’ experience in sustainable tourism development and has been an ACES elephant camp auditor since 2019.

Damien Goget.png


Elephant Venue Auditor

Damien has been living in Thailand since 2006 and engaged in many of Phuket’s environmental and sustainable living ventures. Founder of the Phuket Farmers Club, Damien is passionate about connecting children and adults back to nature through sustainable living. Damien is a strong supporter of organic and permaculture methods of agriculture and supports strong ties between local famers and elephant venues. Damien’s excellent policy development, analytical skills and relationship-building are all essential qualities in his role as an ACES camp auditor.

Trang Nguyen.png


Elephant Venue Auditor

Representing Vietnam is our auditor, Trang Nguyen. Trang is a Senior Associate and Sustainable Tourism Consultant at Clickable Impact Consulting Group. Holding a Masters degree in Tourism Management, Trang has worked on sustainable tourism projects for organisations including the Asia Development Bank, the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. With a strong interest in responsible travel and community-based solutions, Trang is the perfect person to lead our elephant venue audits.

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