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ACES offers elephant tourism operators a range of customised solutions to support the implementation of high standards of elephant welfare and visitor and staff safety; enhanced visitor experiences; and advice on elephant venue infrastructure and management efficiency.

We also work with the travel trade and destination management sector to assist them to promote responsible elephant tourism experiences to consumers.

Elephant welfare, local employment, engagement and responsible travel.

Ensure every elephant is receiving targeted and individualised care.

Boost your visitor experience to meet the expectations of
today’s tourists.

Venue efficiency and effective management.

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Camp essentials package

For Travel Operators concerned about elephant welfare, local community jobs, engagement and responsible travel:


  • Do you offer elephant feeding or photo opportunities? If yes, the usual assessable criteria apply

  • Is there riding? If yes, the usual assessable criteria apply

  • Is there bathing? If yes, the usual assessable criteria apply

  • How were/are the elephants trained?

  • Chaining – the usual assessable criteria apply

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Shows

  • Visitor education and interpretation

  • Diet check and unique elephant ID books

  • Vet routines check

  • Elephant camp supply chain – farmers – land owners – suppliers

  • How to showcase responsible travel at your venue

  • Social responsibility – how does your venue give back to the local community?

  • Staff empowerment  - does your venue provide language lessons, training, community grants?

  • Women in the workplace. What roles do women have at your venue? Are enough women in leadership positions?


All about elephants

How to make sure your elephants are receiving internationally recognised levels of animal welfare. This package provides venues with all the information needed to ensure each elephant is receiving targeted and individualised care:


  • Unique ID books

  • Dietary needs

  • Vet visits and routine care

  • Shelter and husbandry

  • Calory intake

  • Musth management

  • Mother and calf requirements

  • All other elephant assessable criteria


Visitor essentials

What does the modern-day visitor expect from a modern-day elephant facility? How to boost your visitor experience:


  • Education and interpretation

  • Cultural exchange

  • How to show you care

  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Health & safety

  • Handicrafts and facilities

  • Responsible Travel – what does it mean and how can you show this?

  • How to showcase your local area and staff


Human resources & the administrative needs of an elephant venue

How to make sure your camp is running as efficiently and effectively as possible, from a management perspective:


  • National and local laws

  • How to take care of your staff

  • Standard Operating Procedure creation and revision

  • Staff contracts and entitlements

  • Accommodation

  • Staff training and professional development

  • Mahout training and professional development

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