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Elephant welfare is the most important aspect of elephant tourism, and our services engage and strengthen the tourism industry’s role in providing excellent standards of elephant care while also meeting the needs of local communities and tourism stakeholders.

Welfare Standards and Certification

Join the responsible elephant venue movement and have your elephant experience internationally certified by ACES. Certified venues demonstrate the highest level of elephant welfare, human resources, environmental enrichment, and community development. Our certification benchmarks are developed from expert findings, evidence-based research and camp management best practice.

Learn more about Welfare Standards and Certification.

Elephant Venue Consultancy

ACES offers elephant tourism operators a range of customised solutions to support the implementation of high standards of elephant welfare and visitor and staff safety; enhanced visitor experiences; and advice on elephant venue infrastructure and management efficiency. We also work with the travel trade and destination management sector to assist them to promote responsible elephant tourism experiences to consumers.

Learn more about Elephant Venue Consultancy.

Industry Engagement

We engage with businesses, governments and researchers to transform the elephant tourism industry and pave the way for positive and exciting breakthroughs in elephant conservation, welfare and management.

Learn more about Industry Engagement.

Responsible Travel

Responsible travellers can experience the magic of elephants without contributing to animal exploitation. An experience that is accredited by ACES has exceeded all national government regulations and demonstrates the best elephant welfare practices available anywhere in the world.

Find an ACES certified elephant tourism experience.

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