Asian Captive Elephant Standards (ACES) is an independent enterprise providing elephant camps with the methodology, guidance and on-site support to ensure all captive elephants are receiving the highest level of welfare possible. We work with camps, governments, communities and industry bodies to provide the best outcomes for elephants under human care. 

Why work with elephant camps?

There is growing lobal concern about the poor treatment of elephants at some elephant camps. Visitors are uncertain about which camp to support and what camp practices are harmful to elephants. At ACES we use academic research and expert advice to create international standards of elephant welfare evaluation. We want visitors to enjoy their elephant experience, knowing that they are supporting positive industry reform and community development. 


Until now there has been no internationally verifiable standards of elephant camp welfare. Visitors do not know whether or not they are supporting a camp with high levels of animal welfare, or supporting cruel practices and poor living conditions.  Through extensive research and expert advice, ACES believes that tourism can bring positive benefits to the captive elephant population, without compromising animal welfare or visitor health and safety. Read more about our Responsible Travel objectives.

Asian Captive Elephants Standards has created best practice standards of welfare, living and working conditions for all elephants engaged in tourism.









​Community engagement and local support is vital in supporting stronger welfare for elephants.  

There are over 10,000 captive Asian elephants, many of which are privately owned. This is a critical population that deserves species conservation, management and high levels of welfare. ACES works alongside camps, governments, mahouts, universities and local communities to ensure all captive elephants are provided with the best care and conservation outcomes possible.


ACES is the link bringing elephant welfare, tourism needs and elephant camp managers together. 

The tourism industry is a vital part of the southeast Asian economy. Rather than condemn all elephant-based tourism, ACES believes that the tourism industry can play a positive and beneficial role in elephant conservation. By supporting elephant camps that prioritise elephant welfare, you are supporting appropriate captive breeding programs, environmental enrichment, and you are part of creating positive industry change and reform. Learn more about our Conservation Management philosophy.