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Asian Captive Elephant Standards

Local Knowledge. International Standards.

Deeply embedded within southeast Asian culture and heritage – Asian elephants have helped to build communities and are an enduring symbol of national identity. Today, the growth of elephant-based tourism reflects their changing role in modern society. While
a complex issue, elephant tourism experiences can generate essential income for remote areas and contribute to species conservation.

Through support and respectful engagement, contemporary training and sector regulation, Asian Captive Elephant Standards (ACES) is dedicated to working with 
governments, the tourism sector and elephant owners to raise the standard of welfare, safety and management of elephants living under human care across southeast Asia.

Leaders in elephant venue auditing, welfare assessments and camp certification

Industry leader and elephant champion status
Visitor leader and brand credibility
Entry into new national and international markets
Access to a large network of tour operators and industry leaders
Support from an independent, reliable and transparent body

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